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If it’s news and info about anything to do with interior design or contemporary art you may be in the right place! This is just a little website to provide info and inspiration about topics like these so feel free to have a browse and hopefully you’ll find something worthwhile.

I deal with inspirational topics about designing your home on a daily basis to bring you the best I can find. When it comes to interior design ideas I do the hard work so you don’t have to. You can rely on interior artwork to always bring you something nice, an inspirational idea to decorate your home with which I believe is the cream of the crop. I work on any topic and If you think you know better come tell me I’m all ears. Just think of this place like an inspirational idea factory so whenever you feel like you need to redecorate you can come here and you’ll be inspired, or even if you’re an interior art fanatic, I’m sure you could find one ore two pieces of information in here which are useful.

From Wall art to Funky tiles, Fireplaces to Water features, I’ve got it all so come check it out for some beast art tips.

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