As I said before, look at it in all it’s beauty… Simply amazing design by Maria Yasko and I would happily have this shelf in my house right now. Her page is here for those that want to have a look at the rest of her designs. She’s got a real artistic flair demonstrating so real design87Interwined-Shelves_0 skill in mirrors shelves and everything else, definitely worth a quick look.


I find shelves pretty intriguing, they come in all sorts of stylish designs. I may make a collection and post a video for you all on this topic because I’ve found lots of interesting designs, like this one as well.

81-wavy-shelves-by-pilot-designMore info on this design: created by PILOT DESIGN; check out these bad boys because they do some really nice furniture too, like this side table below

Check out this fancy fireplace. It’s hanging from the ceiling. I think it’s quite brave not only in hanging from the ceiling but in fusing a modern design with a more contemporary design for a fireplace. No doubt it could be a great option for houses with a new theme, or older houses wishing to make things seem a bit more modern. You can buy one from Robeys. They specialise in fireplaces and stoves, got some real great stuff in there as usual, definitely worth another browse if you’re up to the challenge… nah seriously though they do 989pharoshave a great selection of stuff and i advise you check em out… great for designing.

And check out this beast, it’s a portable fireplace, would you believe it?! Seems a bit dangerous to me but the idea seems pretty cool, and it does look rather nice. A real conversation starter that’s for sure… Head over to for a great article on portable fireplaces, I couldn’t believe it myself, and its got some great pics of them too so is a good read.

They’re made by Brasa Fire based in New Orleans. Their website is pretty slick, showcasing their products in images nicely. Also they have a brilliant video showcasing the range where you can see the fires in action, it’s really quite mesmerising and it gives you a better idea of what this product is really about and would be like in your home. It has even 853Modern-Portable-Fireplaces-and-Fire-Lampsbeen said to be quite relaxing in reviews by Apartment Therapy (another GREAT site).


Check out the video on their page (it isn’t on youtube!)

till next time…

Hey guys, I’ve been surfing for tables and how they affect interior design. Check this bad boy out… it’s a German design by Moritz Böttcher and Sören Henssler. I highly recommend these guys for their designs, they’ve got a really brilliant clean cut german look to them made out of natural m933coffee-tables-designaterials. Their results are always outstanding and I really advise you take a look, sheer quality stuff on their website.


I really like the clean cut design in the right space, however there is always the need for the more antiquated designs throughout your home to add more variation. For instance this table here has a stone top so it has a nice natural wall like pattern. it also has lots of patterning around the border, with an antiquated feel adding to it’s contemp91Minimalist-small-table-by-RKNL_1orary design. Objects like this are great with contrasting against more clean cut designs to add variation to your room. Like I’ve said before contrast is a key idea in interior design and I think this table adds a lot of contrast to this picture making the entire photo seem less bland than it could be. Pretty much every area here between the carpet and the table is contrasting in style. The colour, texture, pattern and shape (sharp vs soft edges).


Hope you saw something you liked…

Till next time

Seriously though, check out these pics and imagine them without the plants. Plants can be a great way to change the atmosphere of a room or setting, adding a natural feel to our more synthetic furnishings. As always, I’ve been on the hunt for more bargains to make your life easier so tryout House of Plants and PHS Greenleaf for some good bargains in this area.


Also look at how these displays are made for these plants, now that’s interior design on a whole new level, I’ve seen some interesting ideas over at Lifestyle blog, seriously seriously worth checking out if you’re into your design like me, I knock up designs like these on my trusted Orchard drawing board (which I highly recommend by the way) and maybe one day I’ll post the for you to see! til then ciao ppl…

There are many great water features out there which you can utilise within your own home. Not just outdoor fountains, also indoor pieces which can be great for adding that unique vibe to your place. Water is not a commonly used feature in peoples houses even though it is so great, so if you find a great water feature, it can become a really cool aspect of your home.

Take this water fountain for example, an excellent piece.

71DSC_2722You can find lots of indoor water features for sale online here: UK Water Features. They have a great a really great range for you to choose from so I seriously suggest you have a look, their products look amazing. The downside is they only ship to the UK though so I guess that’s a bit of a downer if you live elsewhere. Simply Fountains is based in the US and seems to have a great range too, and there’s also BluWorld USA If you’ve got a lot of money and want to hire people for a professional large scale operation!

Ocean Designs UK is a great place to look if you’re interested in buying bubble walls. These things look swish and are nicely illuminated in bright neon colours. One of my favourites. Seriously though, they do look cool and the bubbles are ever changing and therapeutic, nice on the eye and have that clean modern futuristic style that’s popular nowadays.


Anyways that’s it for today people, I’ll keep you updated the next time I find interesting interior design ideas


I believe style is essential to your surroundings, without it we would all just exist in mediocre spaces and that would be detrimental to our well-being. Just imagine what the world would look like if it was all just too bland, life would be a lot duller that is for sure. So consider these design ideas I have created for both the home and office. Furnishings are what we live around so I’d like to at the very least just inspire you to get creative and create a nicer atmosphere wherever you spend your time.


First of, a nice idea for the office. look how the clean smooth reflective surfaces add a nice feel. the colour scheme is easy on the eye too, maybe making it easier to concentrate, with little dashes of colour to keep you excited with not too much variation that will distract you. a perfect office environment.

If you like this design i can point you to a site that sells white plan chests for your utility.

Plan Chests

At home you may want a place to store your belongings. Here you have the option of openly storing goods or hiding them away inside a cabinet of your choosing. Either option is a serious consideration if you want to get the best styling for your home. For example in the picture we have the hi-fi units stored next to the tv inside the green cabinet. Alternativ669furniture-and-design-interior-of-interior-home-theater-storage-3ely it could be displayed in the open underneath the tv but this would add a different vibe to the room and would remove the need for the storage cabinets on the sides also changing your atmosphere. That being said, either is a great choice, and I would be happy with either option.


Au revoir… and Happy designing people!

As we’re on the subject, there’s loads of ideas you can use for decorating your walls to spice up your home. Wall painting for one. You can see here the two-tone colour contrast really adds flavour to the room and also adds a nice design to inspire you when you421wall_art_painting_idea‘re working on your next novel. If you’ve got the cash you can get notable artists like Alfred Gockel to come and paint a design on your walls if you don’t feel up to the task yourself. A great place for you to find artist like these is at

On the other hand if you do try and do this yourself get down to Dulux. They are my favourite paint suppliers indeed. Although Crown aren’t a bad choice either. You may want to check their websites to find which is the best brand for you as their paints come in various differing options.

I want you to get creative with your bath tiles! haha, no seriously have you never considered the effects you can create through tiles? the possibilities are endless… I’ve been searching for good places to find them again, and you can find a great selection here at Wickes and here at Topps Tiles. Seriously guys, check em out cos they is well good for making funky wall art.


and whilst we’re on the subject, a great way to spice up your interior is by adding vinyl wall decals. These let you be an artist but without the skill! I’ve found a really great place online for you to get your hands on these goodies, check out My Friend Matilda. Stunning desig16viny_wall_decalns here so check em out… check em out.


Hey Guys, it’s art time! If you’re looking for great art, I have an artist you should definitely check out. Craig Angus John. He makes brilliant ink pen drawings, and I mean brilliant, and they are drawn in a massive A0 size!13Craig_Angus_John_Raise

As you can see he prefers to use a drawing board over digital methods. These kinds of practices are seemingly becoming rarer day by day. Here he is using a drawing board with a technical lamp t982Craig_Angus_John_Swaggero create his beast drawings. He is based in Glasgow Scotland and delivers worldwide so you should definitely make an effort to check out his stuff, a drawing could add that extra spice to your home.