Check out this fancy fireplace. It’s hanging from the ceiling. I think it’s quite brave not only in hanging from the ceiling but in fusing a modern design with a more contemporary design for a fireplace. No doubt it could be a great option for houses with a new theme, or older houses wishing to make things seem a bit more modern. You can buy one from Robeys. They specialise in fireplaces and stoves, got some real great stuff in there as usual, definitely worth another browse if you’re up to the challenge… nah seriously though they do 989pharoshave a great selection of stuff and i advise you check em out… great for designing.

And check out this beast, it’s a portable fireplace, would you believe it?! Seems a bit dangerous to me but the idea seems pretty cool, and it does look rather nice. A real conversation starter that’s for sure… Head over to¬†for a great article on portable fireplaces, I couldn’t believe it myself, and its got some great pics of them too so is a good read.

They’re made by Brasa Fire based in New Orleans. Their website is pretty slick, showcasing their products in images nicely. Also they have a brilliant video showcasing the range where you can see the fires in action, it’s really quite mesmerising and it gives you a better idea of what this product is really about and would be like in your home. It has even 853Modern-Portable-Fireplaces-and-Fire-Lampsbeen said to be quite relaxing in reviews by Apartment Therapy (another GREAT site).


Check out the video on their page (it isn’t on youtube!)

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