Picture Frames, nearly essential in creating the perfect environment for your house. It’s amazing how a well chosen frame can affect the look of a picture and in turn add an effect to your home or space. If you wanna buy some picture frames online I highly recommend eframe.co.uk. They have a large selection of quality frames, all viewable online of course.

On the other hand, if you’re fed up of blu-tack and want a more stylish and efficient way of displaying you’re images you really need to check out Posterfix. It’s a way of making you’re documents interchangeable and with a stylish unique branded border. Head over to posterfix-uk.com for an interactive online demo so you can try flipping it open yourself here.

Check out the new Google offices in london. They’ve been designed with a 60’s london theme in mind. You can see a double decker bus in the picture, that’s an old routemaster bus which is now being used as a meeting room. There’s also a bath that once belonged to Douglas Adams the writer of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


The place was designed by Richard Wilkinson from Pitch Studios and it even features an indoor atrium park for relaxing in when you’re not at work typical of google. Check out pitch studios if you are interested in this kind of stuff they do some great designs.



Jeremy Schrecker sculpts amazing sculptures. His works made out of bronze or steel are ace and you should definitely check out his website. I always say sculpture is a fine way to add decoration to your house. just one small piece of art can break up the design and feel of your room and you are free to choose the sculpture you want to express your artistic intent. This one here by Schrecker himself is made out of bronze and marble which looks like melting gold down an exquisite block, i believe it would be a great addition to a modern style house.


The Shard, Renzo Pianos latest 82 floor skyscraper, towers over all other skyscrapers in London. Situated in Southwark, London by the river Thames. This modern giant of architectural design stands at 998 feet, its outer surface entirely laden with glass. It stands by London Bridge as a testament to the capabilities of modern engineering and design.